TTF Transport Position Papers

TTF Transport Position Papers provide succinct analysis of transport issues facing Australian governments and the private sector and make policy recommendations on how to address them.


Rapid Buses, Road and Rail

AUGUST 2013: Rapid Buses, Road and Rail - Ground transport solutions to meet Melbourne Airport's passenger growth to 2050.  
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Information Technology and Public Transport

APRIL 2012: Improving mobile coverage on Australia's public transport networks can improve the travel experience and productivity for commuters. 
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Tax Incentives for Sustainable Transport

OCTOBER 2011: Recent discussions on tax reform, most notably the Henry Tax Review and carbon tax debate, have focussed on rationalising inefficiencies in the tax and transfer system and rewarding behaviour more conducive to economic productivity and envir 
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Accessing Major Events

SEPTEMBER 2011: This paper promotes the implementation of integrated ticketing, whereby event tickets include the cost of public transport to and from an event. 
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Reforming Fringe Benefits Tax

NOVEMBER 2010: This position paper outlines the inequities which arise from the fringe benefits tax regime in relation to salary-packaged cars. 
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Smartcard Ticketing On Public Transport

JULY 2010: This position paper details the benefits of integrated, electronic smartcard ticketing on public transport. 
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The Benefits of Public Transport

MAY 2010: Public transport is crucial to managing congestion and investment is vital to maintaining liveability in our cities.  
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The Benefits of Light Rail

MARCH 2010: Light rail is a reliable, high-capacity, sustainable mode of transport well-suited to urban and inner-suburban areas.  
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Public Transport and Climate Change

NOVEMBER 2009: Public transport has a vital role to play in Australia's response to climate change.  
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The First Home Owners Grant and Public Transport

OCTOBER 2009: TTF research shows that First Home Owners Grant recipients are purchasing homes in areas poorly-served by public transport.  
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Revitalising Sydney Ferries

OCTOBER 2009: TTF advocates franchising Sydney Ferries operations to the private sector in the interests of commuters and taxpayers. 
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The Benefits of Transit Oriented Development

FEBRUARY 2009: Australian governments should incorporate transit oriented development in land use and transport planning strategies.  
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