Sydney Gateway Game-changer

The Sydney Gateway will be an enormous winner for Sydney and Australia and will positively impact the visitor experience by making it easier for people to move to and from Australia’s largest transport and logistics hub.

CEO of the Tourism & Transport Forum Margy Osmond said the announcement that the Sydney Gateway will proceed is a game-changer and will reshape the way visitors, locals and commuters use transport networks in and around the Sydney Airport precinct.

“We know two things, Sydney Airport is the principal entry to Australia, and Sydney is one of the most congested cities in the world. The Sydney Gateway project means we will have the right infrastructure for the future of our growing tourism sector,” Ms Osmond said.

“Reducing congestion and the negative impact that has on people’s lives will dramatically change the way people feel about their Sydney Airport ‘experience’.

“We support governments and industry working together to unpick major pinch points across our road network to alleviate this negativity, while at the same time boosting the economy.

“In addition to directly supporting both the country’s biggest city and most populous state, Sydney Airport is also a critical part of Australia’s economic infrastructure, and a key enabler not only of national business growth, but also social interaction and freight movement.”

Increasing congestion levels in Australia are estimated to cost $16.5 billion to metropolitan cities – $6 billion in private time costs, $8 billion in business time costs, $1.5 billion in extra vehicle operating costs and $1 billion in additional air pollution costs.

“These are avoidable costs and without the foresight and investment in key congestion-busting projects like the Sydney Gateway, the impact of congestion will skyrocket,” Ms Osmond said.