Aussies are loving international tourists and think they make Australia’s economy stronger, according to a survey conducted by the Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) in conjunction with global information & measurement company, Nielsen.

78% of those surveyed believed tourism bolsters the economy, while 57% believe that the government needs to invest more money to promote Australia overseas.

65% of participants feel that it is time for the government to focus more on the tourism sector and 69% believe there needs to be more taxpayers’ dollars spent promoting regional tourism.

79% of Australians are also unaware that every person leaving Australia pays a compulsory $60 passenger movement charge (PMC) and that over half of the $1.2b raised each year goes into the government ‘piggy bank”.

The survey results were unveiled at Leadership 2019, TTF’s flagship event held today at PwC Barangaroo, bringing together political leaders, policy makers and the leaders of TTF’s member organisations from the tourism, aviation and transport industries.

Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism and Transport Forum, Margy Osmond said “These survey results are important, they make it crystal clear that Australians understand the value of the tourism industry.

“Real Aussies are telling us what they want more tourists and these results should send a strong message to the government about the need to support and invest!”, Margy Osmond said.

“The industry and voters seem the be in sync about what is important. In our recent Federal budget submission, TTF put the following issues at the top of a Government “to do” list:

– Further investment into Australia’s destination marketing agency, Tourism Australia
– A review of the Passenger Movement Charge and the level of over- collection
– Additional and improved visitor infrastructure, and
– Further investment in airport to city rail connectivity and regional rail networks.