Ditch the car and explore your backyard this long weekend

The long weekend may be a record breaker for public transport use with holiday makers and day-trippers looking to enjoy their own local backyards and leave the car in the garage, according to TTF CEO Margy Osmond

“A new national survey of more than 800 people released today by TTF shows that more than twice as many people believe that public transport services have improved in the last five years over those who believe networks have got worse.

“Our research clearly shows that efforts by all level of governments over the past five years to improve our public transport services are paying dividends, with commuters noticing and appreciating the investments made to deliver better services,” Ms Osmond said.

The biggest winners were in WA where 47% of commuters felt there had been improvement followed by NSW at 43% and Victoria at 41%. The least improved state was Tasmania according to the survey.

“The long weekend is fast approaching, so if you are one of the many Australians not heading out of town why not think about ditching the car and grab a bus, train or ferry to explore your city.

“You don’t need to take long trips to take full advantage of what our great country has to offer. In every state and territory, some of the world’s best tourist attractions are right on our doorstep and many are only a public transport trip away.

Ms Osmond said that not only is public transport an affordable and accessible way to get around, it has the added benefit of reducing Australia’s notorious long weekend congestion.

“Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the chronic congestion that has become the hallmark of a long weekend in Australia,” Ms Osmond said.

“Our public transport networks are going from strength to strength, but our congestion problems are only getting worse, with the avoidable cost of congestion for Australian capital cities estimated to be around $16.5 billion each year.

“Instead of being stuck in a long weekend traffic jam, think about taking the stress out of your trip and hopping on public transport.”

Question: Do you believe public transport services have improved over the past five years?



Yes 39 per cent
No 19 per cent
No change 30 per cent
Unsure 12 per cent



Yes 43 per cent
No 18 per cent
No change 29 per cent
Unsure 10 per cent



Yes 41 per cent
No 21 per cent
No change 28 per cent
Unsure 10 per cent



South Australia

Yes 32 per cent
No 11 per cent
No change 44 per cent
Unsure 13 per cent



Yes 31 per cent
No 22 per cent
No change 30 per cent
Unsure 17 per cent



Yes 30 per cent
No 23 per cent
No change 38 per cent
Unsure 15 per cent


Western Australia

Yes 47 per cent
No 14 per cent
No change 25 per cent
Unsure 14 per cent