Legalising ride-sharing in NSW moves towards a level playing field

The NSW Government’s decision to legalise ride-sharing and relieve some of the regulatory burden on traditional operators recognises the reality of the new transport economy said the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF).

“It is crucial that the NSW Government continues to work with the industry to ensure that there are no unintended consequences in the implementation of this new policy – a competitive market that is fair and balanced is the best outcome for customers and ride providers,” said Margy Osmond, TTF CEO.

“The establishment of an industry adjustment fund is appropriate and must be targeted in a way that ensures existing operators can adapt to the new transport reality.”

“The reality is that ride-sharing is here and it is here to stay but all transport operators should be competing on a level playing field. It is critical that the taxi industry has adequate compensation and that the opportunities of the new system for the industry are fully explored.

“Importantly the outstanding issues need to be dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure visitors and local consumers have certainty about how the new system will operate.”