The Sydney business community has joined forces to give a resounding cheer for the new CBD and South East Light Rail service and its potential to greatly enhance commuter and tourist movement in the city.

The Tourism & Transport Forum [TTF], the Sydney Business Chamber, the Committee for Sydney, Tourism Accommodation Australia [TAA] and the Accommodation Association of Australia [AAoA] representing the majority of businesses in the city, combined to voice their support for the newest addition to Sydney’s public transport fleet and what it will mean for tourism and local commuters.

“The service has only been operating for several days but already locals and visitors alike have jumped on board and are enjoying a George Street free of noisy and often smelly buses and a new way to navigate the city, said TTF Chief Executive Margy Osmond.

“The amenity and attractiveness of Sydney’s central spine, George Street has been vastly improved and is the boulevard the city has always deserved.”

The business groups have said the State Government and the City have to be congratulated for having the vision to understand how this one piece of infrastructure would change the character of the inner city and give it a whole new attractive and refreshed feel.

Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber said, “The influx of fabulous high-end retail establishments along with the small specialty outlets is transforming George Street into a world-class shopping street that will become a real focus for international tourists and locals.”

“Connecting Circular Quay to Central with quick and easy transport will help with the long-awaited revitalisation of the city after dark. It will facilitate a night-time economy that includes fun for families and party-goers by providing safe, late-night transport.”

“The Light Rail is a reflection of how world cities now see city design and pedestrian capacity.  It is a clean and simple option for better travel that connects some of Sydney’s best assets together said Gabriel Metcalf CEO of the Committee for Sydney.

“The city has traditionally struggled with joining the far ends of the CBD and making it easy for locals to travel quickly and easily around the city above ground.

“The service now makes the journey from Central to Circular Quay both feasible and an opportunity to take in the city views.

The journey also links a range of critical professional and lifestyle entertainment zones.  Whether you are a Sydneysider or an overseas visitor being able to take a single ride to connect the high tech activities at Central, the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park and the medical research facilities at Randwick and the glamorous new and existing venues at Royal Randwick is an absolute winner.”

Both the AAOA and TAA applauded the ability for major hotels to now so easily direct visitors out the front door and onto the service to either take in the shops or visit Chinatown, the Rocks or the great eateries and atmosphere of Surry Hills.

Michael Johnson CEO of TAA said, “for the accommodation sector this re-joining of the city and much greater ease of directing visitors and giving them a taste of the city is vital.

For locals and business people the ability to seamlessly move about the city and enjoy the great offerings of our city hotels is a real boon.”

“Giving visitors the opportunity to be independent and get from A to B without having to learn the language of the local bus or train system is really important, said AAoA CEO Dean Long.

“This slick new transport option gives Sydney the look and feel of the global city it should be and increasingly these are the kind of services that visitors are demanding and expecting.

Cruise ship passengers will feel the benefit of easy access to the city and attractions and local passengers returning home will now have a new option to see the city sights will making their way to Central for a homeward journey.”


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