New Infrastructure Victoria aims to take politics out of planning

The appointment of the inaugural Infrastructure Victoria board will provide certainty and much-needed predictability to the State’s infrastructure planning processes, according to the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) CEO Margy Osmond.

“I congratulate the Andrews Government on this initiative and I am gladdened to hear the Premier say the aim of the exercise is to ‘take the politics out of infrastructure planning’,’ Ms Osmond said.

“Governments around Australia have a massive challenge right now to ensure they are building the appropriate infrastructure to support the industries of the future as our economy transforms from its focus on resources.

“This is a very strong board line-up whose members have a strong understanding of the need to set clear priorities in this vital area of state planning.

“I particularly welcome the appointment of TTF director Ann Sherry, CEO of Carnival Australia, to the Board.

“She has extensive knowledge of our sector and a real understanding of the importance of investment and the right infrastructure to support our cities and regions.”