TTF Media Release

30 October 2020

Queensland still a no-go zone for Sydneysiders

TTF Australia CEO Margy Osmond said today’s announcement by the Queensland Government on the eve of tomorrow’s election was a monumental missed chance to give the tourism industry and potential travellers, on both sides of the border, some certainty and a much needed boost.

“Delaying opening to regional NSW from the 1st to the 3rd of November and not opening to the 32 LGAs comprising Greater Sydney without any new date for that re-opening is yet another blow to a sector which in Queensland is bleeding $2.3 billion a month,” Margy Osmond said.

“It will leave many Queenslanders and Sydneysiders frustrated and none-the-wiser as to when unimpeded COVID- Safe travel can occur between major business and tourism centres like Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sydney.

“All Australians including Queenslanders want travel certainty and want to be able to plan to visit friends and family in the leadup to Christmas, in what ideally should be a busy summer travel period ahead.

“Fresh Newgate Research survey results for TTF this week reveal that 78 per cent, or almost 8 in 10 Australians surveyed, want to see state borders opened within three months.

“Our tourism, accommodation, aviation and events industries are hurting each and every single day that the bulk of this border remains closed.

“New Stafford Strategy research for TTF reveals that Queensland’s visitor economy has been haemorrhaging over $2.3 billion each month from the sharp and longstanding drop in international and interstate tourism spend which has led to around 95,000 tourism job losses and $3.8 billion lost wages and salaries over the year across Queensland.

“Safety is critical but numbers of COVID cases have become manageable and many States have shown that they can effectively manage the risk rather than the emergency.

“The idea that regional NSW residents will be permitted to travel into Queensland through the Sydney Airport but must travel through Sydney without stopping will be difficult to manage and just causes more confusion for all.

“Our industry has long called for a consistent approach to the reopening of State and Territory borders that sensibly addresses health concerns and sets us firmly on the path to recovery and we hoped for a more sensible approach from the Queensland Government today rather than further delays.”


Contact: TTF Manager Policy & Government Relations Lindsay Hermes 0418 948 447