The SA Government’s move to call for tenders to contract for the operation of the Adelaide Metro tram and train services will increase services levels for South Australians and improve the State’s tourism offering.

Tourism and Transport Forum Chief Executive Margy Osmond said today’s announcement was both a tick for the Government and a win for public transport customers.

“This decision is an absolute winner for South Australia. It puts South Australian tram and train users, locals and visitors like, front and centre of future public transport services,” TTF CEO Margy Osmond said.

“South Australia has made great progress but deserves a truly world class public transport system. This is an outcome that TTF has supported for some time and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll is to be congratulated.

“The Government will now be able to harness the vast private sector expertise that is currently available in this space to now operate the network, while still retaining ownership and control.

“TTF and L.E.K. Consulting’s research report ‘Are We There Yet’ focused on the future mobility readiness of each state and ranked each state compared to global transport standout, Singapore.

“South Australia performed well in this major future transport research piece, scoring just behind overall leader NSW, where the privately-operated Metro North West system now operates.

“South Australia has demonstrated a high level of readiness and engagement with future transport technologies, which offer the potential for a vastly better consumer experience, better use of transport infrastructure, increased passenger safety and reduced environmental impacts.

“Much of this technology has been developed by the private sector, who will now be able to bid for the opportunity to work with the South Australian Government to build a better transport network.

“The guiding view across our sector is that if a destination is easy and attractive to live in for locals then it is easy and attractive for visitors to travel to and move around in.

“Whether it is a tram down to Glenelg or a train journey up to Belair, this improved transport offering will help make Adelaide and South Australia a star on the international and interstate visitor map.”