Tuesday 18 February


The tourism and aviation sectors are appalled that union strike action to disrupt air travel will hit an industry already on its knees battling the fallout from recent bushfires and ongoing coronavirus.

Tourism & Transport Forum Chief Executive Margy Osmond said the Transport Workers Union (TWU) strike action against Jetstar on Wednesday would disrupt the network across multiple airports and airlines and disrupt Australian travellers and holidaymakers at the worst possible time.

“Much of our industry is currently on its knees due to the ‘double whammy’ hit of the downturn in travel due to bushfires and the impact of the coronavirus. Many regions are crying out for visitation and these visitors have the right to travel without delay and disruption,” Margy Osmond said.

“At a time when we are collectively trying to weather this ‘perfect storm’ of tourism challenges, mopping up as we go and holding our breath in the face of the coronavirus, this union strike action feels like yet another stormfront sweeping through. Although this one is perfectly avoidable.

“Tourism runs in the veins of many destinations serviced by Jetstar from Adelaide and Uluru and from Cairns down to Hobart. This strike action is the last thing operators in these regions need as they open the doors to tourists and as destination agencies urge Australians to holiday at home.

“The TWU should reconsider this action which in this current climate is grossly UnAustralian.

“It will hit productivity and regional economies at the very same time that the Australian Government and Tourism Australia are doing all they can to entice Australians and international visitors to travel within Australia via a $76 million tourism recovery package and targeted marketing campaign.”


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