As part of the NSW Shadow Ministry this week new Labor Leader in NSW Jodi McKay has appointed a Shadow Minister for the ‘Gig’ Economy.
According to a study conducted by the Queensland University of Technology, up to 7 per cent of working Australians now go online to find on-demand jobs, relying on the gig economy as their only source of income.

We are beginning to see a rise of in the gig economy and mobile freelancers, with more and more Aussies now operating as independent/ freelance workers and lifestyles, are becoming less tied to office desks in a 9-5 environment.

According to a recent report by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) up to 25% of European and US workers have turned to this type of employment structure.

Many workers now sit in a category referred to as digital nomads who carry out their work duties living in countries around the world.

The gig economy also appears to be rewriting the way people live and work, making travel an integrated part of their lifestyle.

Which got me thinking, do we really understand the implications of this changing style of work on the economy and our social structures and even the way we holiday.

According to the WTC report also by 2037, there will be 8 billion air travellers expected to take to the skies. Where will they be going and why?

I began to look around at some of the more interesting travel trends I thought I would share some of my highlights with you.

These are a few I loved.

It’s about the Experience – It is no longer enough anymore to go home having checked off a list of interesting travel experiences. People are on the hunt for more meaningful, exclusive and inspiring experiences that are related to helping the mind body and soul.

It’s going offline – It’s the rise in popularity of digital detox holidays that challenge travellers to unplug and go unconnected throughout their holiday, this is one I don’t think is for me!

Take me back – The emerging trend of what I am being told is the retro-style holiday. It’s like heading back in time in a time machine to enjoy old school safaris, vintage weekends, classic train rides, exploring the countryside in a vintage car or cruising the great open roads on an old school Harley.

Conception Tourism – Couples are now actively seeking holidays centred around having a baby, and this is the next whacky travel trend we need to talk about. Couples who are aiming at starting a family are taking trips to fertility themed destinations and festivals that are considered good luck!

The Solo Moon – Yep. Let’s take the ‘honey’ out of the ‘moon’. We all know that planning a wedding and spending the rest of your life with someone can be quite stressful, so why not take that quick break apart, after you have walked down the aisle together…

Instagram Butlers! Now, this is one of my favourites. Butlers are known to serve meals to the guests, but not anymore. Some hotels, especially in the Maldives, now have butlers that will help you have the best vacation…on Instagram, with the right images to impress your friends back home! Stop it!

I suppose for me what these trends tell me is that the world is our oyster. We now have more options and opportunities than ever before. We are living and working differently, affordable flights are on the rise, there are different ways to holiday and so many new accessible places to explore and amazing new experiences. So now is the time and get out there and enjoy it.

Right, I’m off to find my butler.