There is no place like home for Christmas, says summer holiday survey

An overwhelming majority of Australians (70 per cent) say there is no place like home for Christmas before leaving for a summer getaway according to a national survey by the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF).

“The Summer period is the busiest time for transport and tourism operators across the country but most Australians like to spend their Christmas Day at home with family and friends before setting out for the summer holiday adventure,” said Margy Osmond, TTF CEO.

According to the survey of 800 people, 37 per cent of Australians love a hot roast lunch on Christmas Day with all the trimmings at someone’s house supporting that old adage that a meal cooked by someone else is always the best. Victorians (46 per cent) and Queenslanders (40 per cent) are more likely to enjoy a roast meal than NSW (32 per cent) and Western Australia (30 per cent).

One in four Australians (25 per cent) are looking forward to a good old-fashioned backyard BBQ with it the most popular way to enjoy Christmas in Western Australia (34 per cent).

Tucking into a mountain of fresh prawns and seafood can be the more expensive Christmas celebration with 14 per cent of Australians indicating that was their preferred meal with family and friends but it’s more popular in NSW (18 per cent) and Queensland (17 per cent).

“Toiling over the oven cooking up a roast or turning snags on the BBQ is still the quintessential Australian way of spending Christmas together with family and friends talking about the summer holiday plans.”

When it comes to hitting the road for our holidays, 26 per cent of us forget to throw out food that might spoil like milk or fruit. A further 11 per cent of people forget to organise the mail pick up and 9 per cent forget about the garbage bins. Fortunately for Fido just 3 per cent forgot to feed their pets.

“There is always something that slips off the mind of Australians trying to get the family packed and out the door for a summer holiday but 11 per cent of us forgetting to set the security alarm or even locking the front door may end up marring a great summer holiday.”