Tourism industry backs exciting growth plan for NSW Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of NSW’s plan to expand its gallery space and improve its financial sustainability is exactly the type of vision for the Gallery that should be supported by civic leaders said the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF).

“The tourism industry supports the proposal for the Art Gallery of NSW to increase its floor space to exhibit more of its treasure trove of art works to the public and provide itself with a new revenue stream that will improve its financial sustainability,” said Margy Osmond, TTF CEO.

“We have been very disappointed to see the plan to grow the Art Gallery of NSW attacked with deeply flawed criticism.

“We need a civil consultation with key stakeholders and the wider community based on the facts not kneejerk reactions.

“Anyone who looks at the Art Gallery and its location can see that the concept plan to grow the Gallery on the northern side using underutilised space, makes a lot of sense.

“The Gallery is located on a prime site with amazing views of the eastern side of the city. Economics 101 says that using these vistas and event spaces to provide a revenue stream will allow the Gallery to get on with its main job of purchasing and exhibiting great art works for Sydneysiders and our visitors.

“Reducing the Gallery’s reliance on government funding is also good news for taxpayers especially in increasingly tight fiscal times.

“Cultural tourism is a key focus for Governments and institutions across Australia, and the Gallery needs to evolve to stay competitive in the face of increased competition.

“The best advice is to ignore the squeaky wheel and judge the Art Gallery of NSW’s expansion plan on its merits and the facts.”