TTF key ask: ensure that the Tourism portfolio remains with the Premier

Hobart cruise ship

It is critical that the tourism portfolio remains with the Premier to ensure that the visitor economy is at the heart of all budget and funding decisions in Tasmania, especially as tourism is demonstrably at the centre of the Tasmanian economy.

The latest TTF research finds that the percentage of tourism-related jobs in Tasmania (7.2 per cent) is 50 per cent higher than the national average (4.8 per cent) and the highest of any Australian state.

The number of jobs created per 1000 visits (4.4) is the second highest after the Northern Territory and the number of sector employees per $1 million spent by visitors is by far the highest nationwide (10.2).

TTF also finds that Tasmania is the only state that draws more than half of its total tourism income via the primary sub-sectors of food/beverage and accommodation.

The TTF report, Unlocking Our Great Outdoors, reveals the particular importance of nature-based tourism to the state’s future.

Tasmania hosted 8.4 million visitors to its national landscape areas in 2016 – up from 6.6 million in 2005 – drawing $3 billion in visitor spending and funding a total of 21,683 jobs.

All of these figures are set to grow in the years to come, but keeping the Tourism portfolio at the highest levels will help ensure that the Apple Isle reaches its full potential in the future.