Anzac Day Long Weekend The Perfect Chance For A Little Holiday

The Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) is encouraging Australians to use the upcoming Anzac Day long weekend as an opportunity to break out of the usual routine and explore some of the great sights, sounds and experiences that Australia has to offer.

According to the latest survey by Roy Morgan Research, nearly one in five Australians (18.3 per cent) have no plans to travel at all in the next 12 months. Add that to the national hoarding of 123.5 million days in accrued annual leave and you’ve got a strong case for Australians to treat themselves to a little holiday over the upcoming long weekend.

“Do you and your family a favour this Anzac Day long weekend and treat yourselves to a little holiday,” said Margy Osmond, TTF CEO.

“It’s shocking to see research from Roy Morgan that shows not only are we hoarding our annual leave – more than 123.5 million days sitting idle – but one in five Australians have no plans to take a break this year!

“Australians have a global reputation for enjoying the good life but the reality is we just don’t take enough time to have a break and explore our beautiful island nation as we should to recharge the batteries and just enjoy the good fortune we have to live here.

“I’m issuing a challenge to Australians – do something different this long weekend. Fly to the other side of the continent or pack up the family in the car and drive to a regional getaway for a couple of days or even just take a day trip out the city to see the marvels of Australia’s countryside.

“A getaway can be big; it can be small; it might just been a couple of hours visiting a museum, gallery, theme park or visitor attraction, but the important thing is to just have a break.

“At the very least, use this long weekend as a motivator to plan your next holiday, circle a week in your calendar, search for one or more great destinations in Australia to visit and book a trip.

“Let’s get more Australians out there experiencing their own backyard.”