Draft Queensland State Infrastructure Plan sets out on the right path

The draft Queensland State Infrastructure Plan sets out a strong framework to support the delivery of key infrastructure projects that will enhance the state’s economy and boost employment according to the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) Australia.

“Industry is pleased to see the release of the draft Queensland State Infrastructure Plan, it provides business and the broader community with a better picture of the Government’s priorities in transport and the visitor economy over the short and medium terms,” said Margy Osmond, TTF Chief Executive.

“A State Infrastructure Plan provides greater certainty to business around the infrastructure pipeline and gives them increased confidence to invest in Queensland and grow the private sector economy.

“The Plan is an important tool to hold the Queensland Government to account on its infrastructure promises.

“Considering that Queensland is facing a growing list of infrastructure demands, now is the time for boldness and the development of innovative funding solutions.

“Industry is looking forward to the dialogue with the Queensland Government on finding the funding solutions over the next decade that will allow the state to unlock its full potential.

“A strong tourism economy in Queensland is dependent on good infrastructure that allows visitors to move across the state seeing the many beautiful and intoxicating sights the sunshine state has to offer.

“Industry congratulates the Queensland Government on the development of the draft State Infrastructure Plan and will be looking forward to providing feedback and recommendations for the final plan.”