Aussies are opting to stay closer to home and explore their own states across the Easter period rather than travelling overseas, with 58% choosing a ‘staycation’, according to a survey conducted by Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) in conjunction with Nielsen.

“With more than half of those surveyed opting for their own backyard, this is great news for the Australian Tourism Industry. For many exploring ‘home turf’ can take the stress out of the Easter break equation, so you can rest, relax, and go with the flow,” Margy Osmond said.

“You can make fun day trips to places nearby that you don’t normally get to explore during the hustle and bustle of everyday life and that is on the agenda for many locals over public holidays,” Osmond said.

For most of those surveyed Easter is a welcome break but they are equally focused on planning their big annual holiday. 70% of Australian families are committed to making sure that they take one holiday each year with and 42% are focused on making it a summer break.

The family budget is at top of mind with 62% planning to ensure their annual trip of under the $5000 limit.

On the choice of destinations, 48% are heading overseas while 50% are voting with their feet and staying at home and spending time discovering Australia.

For many families work life also dictated when they take holidays with 43% of those surveyed working around the main bread winners’ jobs rather than scheduled school holidays.

“Australians are so lucky, they can travel overseas or stay home and still have a holiday in a tropical paradise or an adventurous destination every year,” Margy Osmond said.