Sydney Airport access plan approval a win for tourism

Approval of Sydney Airport’s ground access and hotel development plan will help ensure the passenger experience is placed at the heart of the growth of Australia’s major international gateway, according to peak industry body Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF).

TTF Chief Executive Margy Osmond said the major development plan addressed concerns over congestion around the airport by outlining a streamlined traffic flow around the airport through the innovative use of a one-way road system.

“Passenger numbers at Sydney Airport are forecast to double over the next 20 years and that will drive up demand for transport connections to and from the airport,” said Mrs Osmond.

“Today’s approval allows Sydney Airport to get on with the job of building a new road system around the airport that alleviates the chokepoint around the O’Riordian Street and Joyce Drive intersection.

“But the plan goes beyond that includes a new purpose-built, multi-level ground transport interchange with bus and coach bays. The plan also details the cycle paths and walkways the community requested and Sydney Airport is to be congratulated for engaging with local resident sto the extent it has done.

“The plans for hotels on-site are also welcome. Changing tourist flows means that Australia is no longer the end of the line and will become a hub for flights between Asia and South America. Sydney Airport’s existing hotel already caters to this market and as other airports around the country have demonstrated, there is a demand for on-site hotels in domestic terminals as well.

“Even better that the new hotels will feature conference facilities, as we know there is a trend internationally for fly-in, fly-out conferences.

“Sydney Airport has worked collectively with the NSW government to ensure the road reconfiguration will proceed and we welcome too the pledge by the government to service the airport with more public buses once a bus terminal is constructed.

“We would call on the government to follow this commitment to public transport access by absorbing the station access fee on train tickets to and from the airport.

“Additionally, the federal government can do more to maximise the efficient operation of Sydney Airport by reviewing the counter-productive 150-minute enforcement of the movement cap.”