TTF Media Release

14 September 2020


TTF Australia CEO Margy Osmond today congratulated the NSW Government and specifically the Jobs Investment and Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres, for personally spearheading the important work of re-inventing Sydney’s night-time economy.

“There is no avoiding the facts, the tourism industry is in a dire state thanks to bushfires and Covid.  It is so satisfying to see the serious work of policy change and creative thinking around how we get the heart of Sydney beating again after dark, is still a priority for this Government,” Ms Osmond said.

“All round the world the CBDs of cities have become ghost towns, as more and more people work from home and avoid the centre of once pulsing cities, out of Covid related concern.

“In better times the 24-hour economy has been a key driver of growth, and a significant contributor to the wider economy, previously employing around 1.17 million people across Australia and generating over $121 million in sales turnover nationally.

“But Sydney badly needed to rethink and refocus, a vibrant 24-hour economy is more than just bars, restaurants and clubs. It creates a range of opportunities for providers and users; from 24-hour gyms and supermarkets to late-night art galleries, live music and creative industries, to extended shopping and transport choices.

“In the current circumstances the jobs generated by a strong night-time economy are even more vital and the need to focus on nurturing this sector is urgent.

“This makes the carefully considered and consultative process that this Government and the Minister initiated before Covid and has steadfastly continued over the last 6 months, so important and future facing. Restarting our city hubs will be a complex undertaking but Sydney will have a critical head start via the recommendations developed by Government with industry.

“For Sydney to play a critical and ongoing tourism role when domestic and international borders re-open, as the welcoming Australian gateway, its image as a vibrant, fun and exciting city destination, must be refreshed in the context of the ‘new normal’.

“We need to be ready to re-open to the world and at the same time support the growth of a thriving innovative night-time environment for locals.

The consultation and work with industry has focussed on key growth factors like planning and zoning restrictions, the need for a better late-night transport offering and a safer after dark environment. An understanding of the contribution of the cultural, live music and hospitality sectors and the need to review and understand precinct development and sustainability, have all been core to this work.

“The overall impact of Covid and the changing nature of our CBDs has now unavoidably influenced this work but in the most positive sense, Sydney will benefit hugely by this planning and blueprint. We have the prospect of a future with a dynamic 24 hour economy, ready to reap all the benefits and face the challenges of the next few years of recovery and re-invention of our city,” Ms Osmond said.


Contact: TTF Manager Policy and Government Relations Lindsay Hermes 0418 948 447