You could almost hear Sydney cheer this morning after the announcement that work will soon commence on the Western Sydney Metro, and bravo to the State government for pushing ahead on this major piece of transport infrastructure for NSW,” said TTF Chief Executive Margy Osmond today.

“This project will slash travel times for commuters and visitors between Parramatta and the Sydney CBD down to around 20 minutes which is fabulous news and will change the way people view travel to and from the CBD and Parramatta.

“Not only will it become easier to travel to and from both destinations, but these projects also provide jobs for thousands and that is a major win.

\“If a city is easy to travel around for its residents than it is, even more, inviting for tourists.

“Off the back of Sydney’s light rail project, the delivery of the North West Metro, today’s announcement tells us that Sydney’s transport future is looking very bright,” Ms Osmond said.