The other night I came across this great quote; 

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followersRalph Nader. 

 Which got me thinking about our TTF Conferences and Leaders Luncheons and what they bring to those who attend. 

 We have recently returned from a very successful Leaders luncheon held in Adelaide where we were hosted by the InterContinental Hotels Group with our special guest the Hon David Ridgeway MLC, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment. 

 This week we are in the final countdown towards our Federal Leadership Summit 2019, taking place on Friday 8 March at PwC’s offices at Barangaroo., 

 I am excited to confirm that this year’s Summit is a sell-out and I am looking forward to seeing so many of our members and other tourism industry leaders at the event next week. 

 I think one of the main benefits that I always take away from TTF events is having the chance to understand other perspectives from people working in the same industry.  

 The feedback we get from other participants is the same.   

 For me, there’s great value in recognising different perspectives in conversations because these let us hear and react to things differently.  

 I also find these opportunities can deliver the chance to collaborate. 

 It makes us more aware of what our industry is great at, and maybe what we need to work on.  

 The old saying, “two heads are better than one” has been around for so many years for a reason. 

 When we put our heads together, we can find answers to problems and work as a group to progress. 

 Sharing and leveraging our ideas and assets gives us all a chance to reach to new markets and increases and re-invigorates the connections we have already made. 

 TTF events can also help to plant the seeds of change.  

 Understanding what our industry sector needs and how we can move, adapt and work in a more personal environment has significant benefits. 

They bring together recognised government and industry leaders who appreciate the importance of providing opportunities, support and encouragement to our leaders of the industry. 

 The events provide an occasion for our industry’s leaders to meet like-minded individuals, form friendships and networks that support us as we work to ensure that tourism here in Australia continues to thrive.  

 If you haven’t been part of one of our many TTF events or it has been a while, we host them regularly right across the country and I for one always take something away from each one of them. 

So, let’s keep catching up and working with each other to make sure we continue to provide our visitors with the best opportunities, the easiest access and amazing memories of the time spent here in Australia.