TTF Business Count and Employment Atlas overview


The Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) is proud to present the Tasmanian edition of our popular and respected Business Count and Employment Atlas to help inform decision makers, business leaders and the community about the value of tourism to the Tasmanian economy.

In addition to its current contribution, tourism has been identified as a ‘super-growth’ industry that can provide future job and business opportunities across the state and help to deliver prosperity around Australia.

In excess of 17,000 people are directly employed by the tourism industry in Tasmania and a number of electorates, including Apsley in Lyons and Nelson and Hobart in Denison, have more than double the national average rate of workers in the sector.

Uniquely in Australia, more than half of those employed the sector work in the frontline categories of food/beverage and accommodation – making the tourism industry the face of Tasmania in more ways than one.

We hope the Atlas will help reinforce the importance of tourism and the visitor economy to every part of the state.

For more information on the impact of tourism on Tasmania, click here – and remember the importance of tourism to the state’s future when casting your vote.