Research and Publications

TTF Overseas Arrivals Report

Periodic summary of ABS overseas arrivals and departures data, by markets, airports and purpose of travel.... > read more


Seasonal Worker Programme Inquiry Report

6 MAY: TTF has expressed its disappointment that an inquiry into Australia’s Seasonal Worker Programme has failed to include Australia’s booming visitor economy in key recommendations to the Government. ... > read more

Good and Bad News for Tourism in Federal Budget

3 MAY: TTF has said there is good news and bad news for Australia’s booming visitor economy in the Federal Budget.... > read more

ABS Tourism Satellite Account

29 APR: TTF has seized on today’s ABS Tourism Satellite Account 2014-15 as evidence why the Federal Government should be working with industry to make Australia an even more attractive tourism destination rather than risking its future through indiscrimin... > read more

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